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Me in MBE

What I will be doing?

Each day, MBE Centers take care of hundreds of apparently simple things -  packing, shipping, lifting, stacking, delivering, picking up, receiving, designing graphics, printing, consulting, sorting, binding, bundling, forwarding, copying, storing, scanning, archiving, etc.

Endless combinations of seemingly simple tasks can create complexity, cause distraction, steal time and hurt efficiency.  Imagine these customer’s situations:

  • “We need to ship a critical replacement part to a remote manufacturing unit in a foreign country by tomorrow morning…”
  • “How do we create, print and distribute marketing materials for the launch of a firm’s new product line, during the summer vacation months…”
  • “How could we manage multiple incoming communications and deliveries to a virtual-office postal box for our field sales force…”
  • “We are a small start-up (just down the street) and do not have the capacity to manage the increasing demands of our growing e-commerce order fulfillment and distribution process…”

MBE Centers apply their expertise to solve hosts of these types of needs for many people and businesses.

Who do I work for?

With this diversity of products and services, MBE Centers quickly become essential elements in the daily routines of countless individuals and companies…large and small…near and far.  Building relationships are key, especially with the people who own, manage or work at the businesses.

MBE Centers open directly in the communities at the center of their owner’s lives.  Existing personal and business connections are important to get an MBE business started. Solving customer problems and improving their efficiency earns respect and provides a basis for repeat business. Effective marketing of the MBE value proposition generates new customer demand. Underlying everything is your personal engagement with other people. This has the greatest impact on the pace and magnitude of your MBE business’s development.

What is in it for me?

If you want to establish your own business in an environment familiar to you using proven business methods applied in your own way, join the MBE Solutions Team. “Being MBE” is a lifestyle choice. You can generate meaningful benefits and satisfaction, just like hundreds of other start-up entrepreneurs.  Become an important pillar in your local business community. Be MBE with the many others on the worldwide MBE Solutions Team. 

MBE SPAIN 2000 S.L.. • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 129-131 planta 12 • 08014 Barcelona (Spain) • Tel. +34 933 624 730 • Fax +34 933 624 731• mbe@mbe.es
Os Centros MBE são geridos por franqueados, empresários independentes, que trabalham sob a marca MBE com um contrato de franquia. Através da sua rede de negócios em franquia, a Mail Boxes Etc. oferece serviços de apoio às empresas e particulares. Os principais serviços que oferece são, por um lado, de logística e envios, prestados graças aos acordos de que beneficiam os franqueados, assinados entre a MBE e as principais empresas de entregas nacionais e internacionais. Por outro lado, oferece serviços de design e impressão, realizados tanto directamente como através de acordos com grandes centros de reprografia. A promoção dos serviços MBE para empresas e particulares acontece graças à actividade comercial do franqueado MBE, tanto dentro como fora do ponto de venda (farming). O farming, específicamente, representa uma obrigação contratual de todos os franqueados. A Mail Boxes Etc. e a MBE são marcas registadas e utilizadas por concessão da MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (todos os direitos reservados). Nem todos os serviços e produtos oferecidos pela MBE estão disponíveis em cada ponto de venda. O material disponível nesta página, a informação e dados que dela constam não podem ser copiados, distribuídos, modificados, novamente publicados, reproduzidos, descarregados ou transmitidos a terceiros por qualquer meio, sem o consentimento prévio por escrito da MBE Spain 2000, SL. Não aceitamos qualquer responsabilidade no que diz respeito à utilização do material, informação e/ou dados não autorizados contidos nesta página.