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MBE at your side

Decades of experience, an established brand, a dynamic industry, a competent network, highly  reliable people, a solid commitment to entrepreneurship...all ingredients to enable starting your own business off on the right foot.

  • The business concept

The MBE business concept is not trendy, short-term or  seasonal. It is a service-focused business which responds to the needs of our target customers - small and medium business and private consumers. MBE’s varied activity provide a challenging and rewarding environment for entrepreneurs.

  • Know-how and training

MBE may be new to you, but not for us. We have years of experience training and preparing our new MBE affiliates to become successful entrepreneurs.

  • National Marketing and Advertising

From day one, all MBE partners become immediately associated with  an established brand recognized worldwide with supportive marketing activities at a national level to give your business a start-up boost.

  • Framework Agreements

MBE selects leading companies in their respective sectors to realize synergies through national agreements which consolidate purchasing power for the benefit of the entire network. Furthermore, MBE’s retail presence positions us uniquely in the market to function for entities within the  "last mile" between companies - large and small - and consumers, when customization of  service and personal interaction are needed to make a competitive difference.

  • Support  Business Development

Proven tools, techniques, technologies and strategies to support, develop and improve customer relationships enable MBE entrepreneurs to grow  healthy businesses over long term.

  • Financial Guidance

Through agreements with banks and other entities, MBE supports candidates during the funding request process to open and start your business quickly with the appropriate capital structure.

  • Center Location Selection

We know our business; you know your territory. Together we find the best possible conditions to select where to start your new business.

  • Interior Design and Brand Identity

We have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in opening their MBE Service Centers; setting it up is one less thing to think about in preparing the start of your business.

  • Business Analytics

MBE collects, analyzes and shares market and network data to advise and support MBE entrepreneurs in the implementation of business strategies.

MBE SPAIN 2000 S.L.. • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 129-131 planta 12 • 08014 Barcelona (Spain) • Tel. +34 933 624 730 • Fax +34 933 624 731• mbe@mbe.es
Os Centros MBE são geridos por franqueados, empresários independentes, que trabalham sob a marca MBE com um contrato de franquia. Através da sua rede de negócios em franquia, a Mail Boxes Etc. oferece serviços de apoio às empresas e particulares. Os principais serviços que oferece são, por um lado, de logística e envios, prestados graças aos acordos de que beneficiam os franqueados, assinados entre a MBE e as principais empresas de entregas nacionais e internacionais. Por outro lado, oferece serviços de design e impressão, realizados tanto directamente como através de acordos com grandes centros de reprografia. A promoção dos serviços MBE para empresas e particulares acontece graças à actividade comercial do franqueado MBE, tanto dentro como fora do ponto de venda (farming). O farming, específicamente, representa uma obrigação contratual de todos os franqueados. A Mail Boxes Etc. e a MBE são marcas registadas e utilizadas por concessão da MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (todos os direitos reservados). Nem todos os serviços e produtos oferecidos pela MBE estão disponíveis em cada ponto de venda. O material disponível nesta página, a informação e dados que dela constam não podem ser copiados, distribuídos, modificados, novamente publicados, reproduzidos, descarregados ou transmitidos a terceiros por qualquer meio, sem o consentimento prévio por escrito da MBE Spain 2000, SL. Não aceitamos qualquer responsabilidade no que diz respeito à utilização do material, informação e/ou dados não autorizados contidos nesta página.