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Franchising is an efficient distribution system which offers owners of small businesses the opportunity to be competitive, grow and prosper through the economies-of-scale typical of larger companies combined with the commitment and drive of entrepreneurs.

The commercial affiliation (franchise) is a contract between two legal entities (franchisee and franchisor), economically and legally independent, whereby the franchisor grants the franchisee the availability, in exchange of a fee, to use trademarks, signs, know-how, and to get assistance or technical and commercial advice, inserting the franchisee in a system consisting of a network of affiliates on the territory, in order to market certain goods or services (Italian Law n. 129 May 6, 2004).

A franchise or affiliate is a legal entity, financially and legally independent, who signs the franchise agreement.

Starting any business requires initial capital and ongoing working capital. This may be obtained from any combination of private fund, loans, grants, subsidies or other resources. Mail Boxes Etc. helps the prospect to define the correct capital structure which best matches your individual circumstances.

MBE’s initial training course consists of ca. 4 weeks of class-room, in-store and field trainings. The focus is, in addition to basic operating aspects, primarily on building business development skills. 

MBE offers on-going training sessions to further support develop of your business know-how and professional selling skills. These can be provided by company personnel, regional managers (if present), network/regional meetings with other MBE business associates, workshops, videos, in-Center programs, vendor co-sponsored sessions, etc.

Yes, MBE prepares a design plan detailing layout, furniture and fixture requirements.  We assist you with the supervision of the build-out and must approve the installation if in full compliance with MBE corporate standards.  Our process helps you optimize costs to open your Center quickly.

The franchise agreement sets a specific geographic area within which no additional MBE Center will be opened.

Yes, in the franchise agreement sets a geographical area in which will not be authorized the opening of other MBE centers.

We have followed the opening hundreds of MBE Centers. Our experience allow to evaluate and select a suitable location.

MBE provides a unique set of services to local residents and businesses. The success is strongly linked to a concept we call "farming", namely interacting with people, both inside and outside of the MBE Center to promote the activities.  Whether business or private, development of a loyal client base depends on listening to their needs and then solving everyday challenges to help them be more efficient with their time and day.

Today there are ca. 1,600 MBE Centers in over 30 countries worldwide.  This demonstrates the flexibility, adaptability applicability of MBE for virtually any cultural or economic environment.

Yes, there may be several reasons for the sale of a running MBE Center. We will work with you to evaluate also this possibility.

Simply, experience and economies-of-scale reduce risk.  MBE will help you get started faster and be more successful sooner.  Talk to anyone in our network to convince yourself.

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Os Centros MBE são geridos por franqueados, empresários independentes, que trabalham sob a marca MBE com um contrato de franquia. Através da sua rede de negócios em franquia, a Mail Boxes Etc. oferece serviços de apoio às empresas e particulares. Os principais serviços que oferece são, por um lado, de logística e envios, prestados graças aos acordos de que beneficiam os franqueados, assinados entre a MBE e as principais empresas de entregas nacionais e internacionais. Por outro lado, oferece serviços de design e impressão, realizados tanto directamente como através de acordos com grandes centros de reprografia. A promoção dos serviços MBE para empresas e particulares acontece graças à actividade comercial do franqueado MBE, tanto dentro como fora do ponto de venda (farming). O farming, específicamente, representa uma obrigação contratual de todos os franqueados. A Mail Boxes Etc. e a MBE são marcas registadas e utilizadas por concessão da MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (todos os direitos reservados). Nem todos os serviços e produtos oferecidos pela MBE estão disponíveis em cada ponto de venda. O material disponível nesta página, a informação e dados que dela constam não podem ser copiados, distribuídos, modificados, novamente publicados, reproduzidos, descarregados ou transmitidos a terceiros por qualquer meio, sem o consentimento prévio por escrito da MBE Spain 2000, SL. Não aceitamos qualquer responsabilidade no que diz respeito à utilização do material, informação e/ou dados não autorizados contidos nesta página.